Handcrafted WP Starter Theme

wordpressLogoSoloHandcrafted WP is a starter theme built for WordPress developers who are doing more than building blogs. The theme is based on Ian Stewart’s Toolbox Starter theme and Paul Irish & Divya Manian’s HTML5 Boilerplate plus some other awesome features based off our years of experience. This is not a framework, but an almost-naked starter theme that gives you a rock solid starting point for crafting a serious website on the WordPress platform.


  • HTML5
    Full HTML5 markup with HTML5Doctor’s reset
  • Target IE
    Conditional tags on <head> so no hacks needed
  • Managed Menus
    Header, Footer & Utility menus ready to go
  • Cleaner <head>
    Clean up the default code in the head
  • lowercase_p_dangit
    capital_p_dangit is dead on arrival (you’re welcome)
  • Dashboard Widgets
    Easily disable dashboard widgets for clients
  • Asynchronous Google Analytics
    Optimized GA script thanks to @mathias
  • Custom Post Type
    Default custom post type ready to go
  • Hide Meta Boxes
    Hide meta boxes on Post & Page screens
  • jQuery
    jQuery from Google CDN with local fallback
  • HTML5Shiv
    Enable HTML5 support in IE
  • Post Formats
    Ready to go for 3.1


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Digging Deeper

Since this video was made, some things have changed. Namely, Modernizr is no longer bundled and Remy Sharp’s HTML5shiv has taken its place. Not enough people seemed to use it so the overhead wasn’t worth it. Post formats has also been added in the functions.php for when 3.1 goes gold. The changelog will always be available here.

Developed By

Randy HoytRandy Hoyt

Randy JensenRandy Jensen