HTML5-ified Twenty Ten

wordpressLogoSoloSo we all know WordPress 3.0 ships with a shiny new theme called Twenty Ten. You probably also know that this theme is “HTML5” ready. What does that mean? Not much. Basically that the code validates and the doctype is the new HTML5 doctype. No <header>, <footer>, <asides>, etc to be found (understandably). So I decided to take the theme and make it as HTML5-ified as possible.

My goal was not to rewrite the theme or take out the bloat or create something you should use in production in lieu of the stock theme, but just to try and get a better handle on how we as developers are going to be writing markup in the near future. I really see this as a way for the community to give input as to how, say, the <asides> tag should be used. Or maybe whether the author section should be wrapped in its own <section>.

Even though this will obviously be WordPress-theme-centric, its purpose is to get a better handle on writing HTML5 markup for any site.

I’ll be updating the theme based on the feedback I get – Leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @randyjensen. Again, I’m really curious to see how each person interprets each tag and its purpose. This is a place to openly discuss HTML5’s new tags and how they should or should not be used.


Download HTML5-ified Twenty Ten


Thanks to Mark Pilgrim for his Dive into HTML5 book
Also thanks to Randy Hoyt for double checking the code
And if you’re looking for an awesome HTML5 WordPress starter theme, Ian Stewart has you covered.

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